Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Aku dan Merry Riana" by Hanna Helena

This is a short video project by Hanna Helena, created and produced along with Camelopardalis Productions. The video is in Indonesian.

“This video represents my enthusiasm and my strong will to be a part of MRCA. I hope, Miss Merry Riana and her team can give me the opportunity to join them."
- Hanna Helena

Hanna is a fully motivated and enthusiastic girl who is willing to greatly develop throughout her stages in life. Her eagerness in participating the Merry Riana Campus Ambassador (MRCA) has brought us here to create a full-spectacular-concept video to effectuate her dream, her full willing to join the life changing experience of MRCA.

Video Contents by Hanna Helena
Video Concepts and Design by Hanna Helena, Jennifer Effendy Husin and Jessica Effendy Husin
Directed by Jennifer Effendy Husin
Cinematography by Jennifer Effendy Husin
Edited by Jessica Effendy Husin
Subtitled by Jessica Effendy Husin

Produced by Camelopardalis Productions together with Hanna Helena