Monday, October 6, 2014

"DETENTION" [2014], a Short Thriller

Made only in 13 hours, this short movie has taken the "3rd Place in Short Film Competition of Tunas Muda International School Vicennial Cup 2014".

Special thanks and acknowledgement to Viryandi Komio Anggani and Paul Heru Wibowo.

Rated PG — Contains blood, violence, and intense scenes. Parental guidance is suggested.

The last thing he remembered was receiving the detention slip from his teacher and the next thing is when he woke up in the dark, dusty school storage. Reza (Alvin Satriawan) always thought the worst thing that could happen if he keeps misbehave as a student is to get expelled, but he knew he was wrong when the voice of the school principal, Bu Hilda (Nicky Vimmala), reveals what awaits him in the end. And at the last moment of his struggles, Reza realized that he dragged himself to the detention that nobody wants to get into.

Directed by: Jessica Effendy Husin
Executive Producer: Jessica Effendy Husin
Screenplay by: Jennifer Effendy Husin Jessica Effendy Husin
Starring: Alvin Satriawan Nicky Vimmala

Language: Indonesian
Subtitle: English

Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Beau.ty" [2014], a Nature Clip

A short experimental nature clip by Camelopardalis Productions.

"What can you see through life?"

Beau.ty is a short experimental nature clip by Camelopardalis Productions, produced in 2014.

Video Concept by Jennifer Effendy Husin
Cinematography by Jennifer Effendy Husin
Edited by Jennifer Effendy Husin
Music: "Beauty" by Jessica Effendy Husin

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Aku dan Merry Riana" by Hanna Helena

This is a short video project by Hanna Helena, created and produced along with Camelopardalis Productions. The video is in Indonesian.

“This video represents my enthusiasm and my strong will to be a part of MRCA. I hope, Miss Merry Riana and her team can give me the opportunity to join them."
- Hanna Helena

Hanna is a fully motivated and enthusiastic girl who is willing to greatly develop throughout her stages in life. Her eagerness in participating the Merry Riana Campus Ambassador (MRCA) has brought us here to create a full-spectacular-concept video to effectuate her dream, her full willing to join the life changing experience of MRCA.

Video Contents by Hanna Helena
Video Concepts and Design by Hanna Helena, Jennifer Effendy Husin and Jessica Effendy Husin
Directed by Jennifer Effendy Husin
Cinematography by Jennifer Effendy Husin
Edited by Jessica Effendy Husin
Subtitled by Jessica Effendy Husin

Produced by Camelopardalis Productions together with Hanna Helena

"On Melancholy Hill" Instrumental Cover

This song is an instrumental cover of a song called On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz. The arrangement was made using digital software. Have a listen and download link is available below.

Duration: 03:25
Composer: Gorillaz
Arranged by: Jessica Effendy Husin
Release Date: 20 October 2013

Download it here.

"Pulang" [2013], a Short Movie

This short movie is created by a whole crew along with one of Camelopardalis Productions' director, Jessica Effendy Husin.

Rated PG - Parental Guidance Suggested. Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children.
Bloopers included.

"Where we love is home-" -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Directed by:
Jason Jodjana
Jessica Effendy Husin

Executive Producer:
Jessica Effendy Husin

Screenplay by:
Jessica Effendy Husin
Clara Pranata

Viryandi Komio Anggani
Jason Jodjana
Leonardo Jason Lantang
Nadia Kurniawan

Language: Indonesian
Subtitle: Indonesian-English

"Metronome" [2013], When Freedom Reveals the Harsh World

Title: Metronome
Starring: Nelson Jodi Kusuma
Director: Jessica Effendy Husin
Producer: Jessica Effendy Husin & Jennifer Effendy Husin
Cinematographer: Jennifer Effendy Husin
Year of Release: 2013

People always desire freedom. However not every single freedom ends up in a good way. Sometimes it reveals how imperfect reality is. A mental asylum patient (Nelson Jodi Kusuma) finally got his long awaited freedom. But after he finally got what he wants, he found out about his dark past.

You can watch this movie in DVD but right now, it is sold out and currently unavailable. We'll post an update once it is available.

"Fated", an Instrumental Song

"Fated" is an instrumental song that was inspired by a person that I believe, were meant to be some part of my life. - Jessica Effendy Husin (Composer)

This song is an arrangement of instrumentals composed by Jessica Effendy Husin and created 100% digitally just using a simple music arranging software. Take your time listening to it and if you like it, the download link is available below.

Duration: 4:37
Artist: Jessica Effendy Husin
Release Date: 16 July 2013

Download it here.

Camelopardalis Productions Official Site is Running!

We proudly present you the Official Site of Camelopardalis Productions. It is now running and will be the site where we update you with our latest productions and news. Feel free to roam around the site and give us feedbacks on how the site could be improved.